British Cactus and Succulent Society

Dover Branch
For cactus and succulent enthusiasts of all ages and abilities

Calendar of events and meetings
Branch Programme for the Year 2018
Date Speaker/Subject/Event Competitions
Jan 27 AGM                                                                     Bring and Buy Auction Ariocarpus and Any Mesemb other than Lithops
No Raffle 
Feb 24 Talk by Ray Horton - "Out and About with Cacti and Succulents" Any Cristate or Monstrose Cactus and Stapelia
Mar 31 Talk by Derek Tribble - "South African Succulents Travelogue - SA2014 Western Cape - Part 2" Echinopsis including Hybrids and Euphorbia
Apr 28 Talk and demonstration by Tony Roberts "Propagation of Cacti and Succulents" Rebutia or Sulcorebutia and Agave Raffle
May 26 Dover Branch Show (Closed)                                          Programme to follow to Members by email No Raffle and No table competition 
Jun 30 Talk by Chris Davies - "Cactus Travels in North East Mexico, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas" Copiapoa and Aloe
Jul 28 Talk by Hazel Taylor - "Plants and Animals of Madagascar"          Astrophytum and Any Cristate or Monstrose Succulent                                       Raffle 
Aug 25 Garden Meeting - Host to be Confirmed Gynnocaclycium and Agave
Sep 29 Garden Trip - Venue to be agreed  No table competion andf No raffle
Oct 27 Talk by Suzanne Mace - Influences on a Mesemb Collector Notocactus and Aeonnium                   Raffle
Nov 24 Annual Quiz hosted by Mark James and Christmas Buffet  Secret Santa Raffle - Wrapped Christmas presents from each attending member please
Dec No event due to Christmas break MERRY CHRISTMAS
Monthly Table Competion: Every plant table competion includes any cacti or succulent in flower, in addition to the named cactus and succulent listed on the programme above. Remember your plants on dates for all or any of the 3 classes when competitions are held, as points will be awarded for all entries. Pot size limit for the table competition is 6 inches / 150mm.
Other BCSS events for 2018  
April 7th
South East Cactus Mart - Swalecliffe and Chestfield Community Centre 19 St Johns Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT6 2QU  
Oct 14th
Autumn South East Cactus Mart - Crockham Hill Village Hall, Church Lane, Edenbridge, TN8 6RP